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Snow Sculpting Event


Event Rules

Each Team will have at least three members and the required minimum age of each participant is 18 years old. At least two members need to be residents of the country that is submitting the application. If one of the members doesn’t live in country, they should be of that country’s nationality. We will consider other situations on an individual basis.


Snow Blocks
The blocks are 10 ft wide by 10 ft deep by 10 ft high (approximately
3.0m by 3.0m by 3.0m). The snow is made at the event location. A team of snow stompers pack the snow throughout the process of loading the snow into the forms.


Block Assignment
Block locations will be assigned through a random drawing on Jan. 18 at the team welcoming reception.


Rules of the Competition
There is no theme for this event as it is an artistic competition. But this is also a family fun friendly event, and the sculptures need to conform to that audience. Controversial, sexual, and/or political sculptures will not be allowed. The final sculpture must be carved on all sides and must be contained in a 16 ft (4.8m) by 16 ft (4.8m) square space surrounding your block of snow. There is no height limited, but safety should be the primary consideration. The sculpture must be made exclusively of snow, water, and ice. Ice can be used in a limited fashion and cannot as a major part of the finished sculpture. The use of any other material is forbidden. No colorants may be added. Supports, armatures or molds are not allowed. All work must be done on the site. The use of a freezer or other cooling devices is not allowed.


Event schedule
The competition begins 9 a.m. and all teams must start working on their sculpture at that time. Teams are allowed to work until 3 a.m. on Wednesday and Thursday and all night on Friday right up until when the competition ends on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Equipment & Tools
Only hand tools can be used to sculpt your piece and no power tools are allowed. Team needs to bring their own hand carving tools. Each team will be provided with a snow shovel, a long handled ice chopper, a 10 ft ladder, and a section of scaffolding.


Selection Committee
The selection committee included individuals with decades of snow sculpting experience. They chose the participating teams based on the information in their application and the sketches or photos of a model of the proposed sculpture.

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