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World Snow Sculpting Championship




Xavier Gonzalez


Carlos Pozo, Kevin Alexander Estrella Correo


Organic Geometry


To live every day with constant, aggressive, and rigid architectural structures along with subtle organic movements that mix and create these abstract forms of potential inclusion have become recurrent in my work, likewise very defined lines that evoke drawing in a volume. All of these are expressing the moment and time in which I am living. Even more with Musical Geometry. The delicacy of the movements and the sounds not experienced in quotidian life, make this project rich in direct coexistence with nature and the architecture that surrounds us.

That, which seduces forms loaded with lines, curves, and volumes leading to immerse in the internal search to record the music. Those movements that when coerced with nature and mixed with urban noises, close to where we have our routine; these organic geometric rhythmic volumes shaped with thick materials that become musical notes flowing in the space and combine themselves to have a language of their own. All of them leave the evidence that there is no better experience to enjoy the sound and the sculptural motions interwoven between the cement trees. I can affirm that these vibrations created by the subtlety of rivers, oceans, mountains, full of the animal and vegetable life produce me an inexhaustible source of ideas.

These fossil sounds, which discovered in our spirit, have given way to be visible through the volume with the architectural characteristics of our time.

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