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World Snow Sculpting Championship


People from Stillwater know how to embrace the winter and share their town with the world.


For the Love of the Arts

Our beloved town of Stillwater is powered by small businesses with big hearts. In 2020 when our busy little Main Street came to a startling halt, we feared for the future of our bustling tourist town. Led by our Mayor, the Chamber of Commerce, City Staff and locals, the Wintertime in Stillwater movement was created.

We worked together to find ideas and inspiration that could save our struggling businesses and provide long term success during the cold winter months. Stillwater, a haven for the arts, seemed like a perfect fit for a snow sculpting event. Upon further investigation we learned about Winter Fun LLC, a snow sculpting organization. Kismet. They were searching for the right host for a World Competition and found Stillwater to be the perfect spot for the inaugural event! Once again, the strength of our small town showed up, thousands of dollars of in-kind and cash donations poured in from local businesses and we launched the most incredible wintertime event. 50,000 visitors flooded the streets to see the sculptures, eat at our restaurants and shop at the boutiques.

We're excited for another year of partnership, fun & community!


-The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce Foundation

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